Gythion took his name after the quarrel between the god Apollon and Hercules, for the magic tripod of the oracle at Delphi. , Αfter their reconciliation the place was named Gythion , (land of gods).

Our Town :
Gythion is located in the south of Peloponnesus, and it lies on the north-western end of the Laconian gulf. It has a population of about 5.000 and it is the second biggest town of Laconia . Our little town is a picturesque port, where anyone can enjoy ouzo with octopus and other fishes. Gythion is a splendid tourist destination as you can combine relaxed holidays with nocturne life. In a distance of 2 km from the center of Gythion , there is the long beach of Mavrovouni, for those who are interested in wind-surfing , beach volley while the beaches of Vathi and Skoutari offer you the tranquility you are looking for .
Finally, do not hesitate to visit other nearby destinations such as Monemvasia, Mystras, Taigetos and plenty of other picturesque villages of Mani ( Areopolis, Itilo, Limeni, Kotronas, Porto Kagio, Caves of Diro, e.t.c.).

History – Sightseeings :
During your passage from Gythion , don’t forget to visit the “island of Kranai” , which is connected to the main land through a technical platform and is located at the south-east of Gythion 1898.
According to history , Paris and Helen took refuge in Kranai island the first night of their escape and before their trip to Troy. . The name of the island came from the helmet, that Paris left behind in his haste . Later on the island was named Marathonisi after the fennel herb (marathos).
At the Kranai island, the Tower of Tzannetaki is one of the most imposing monuments in the region, , a tower house of Mani built in 1829. There, since 1989 , is housed the Historical and Ethnological Museum of Mani .
Moreover, , there you could visit the chapel of St. Peter and the stone lighthouse , of 22 meters, built in 1873.
At the other side of Gythion is situated the Ancient Theatre, which was discovered in the late 19th century.


Athens : 256km, 3:30′
Sparta: 43km, 50′
Mystras: 48km, 60′
Taygetos: 49km, 1:10′
Parnonas: 55km, 1:10′
Monemvasia: 67km, 1:30′
Neapoli: 91km, 2:00′
Elafonissos: 90km, 2:15′

Areopolis: 26km, 30′
Mavrovouni: 2km, 5′
Limeni: 26,4km, 30′
Itilo: 30km, 35′
Caves Diros: 34km, 38′
Kotronas: 31km, 35′
Gerolimenas: 50km, 1:00′
Porto Kagio: 65km, 1:15′